Football DNA Marketing Campaign

Landing Page
Responsive Design
The Overview
MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform with the web, mobile, and software products and services.
In 2018 FIFA World Cup took its place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018. Then the MyHeritage Marketing Team decided to make a campaign with football players. MyHeritage gathered together eight legendary football players to reveal to them their ethnicity breakdowns with MyHeritage DNA.
The Goal
To attract the new audience that interested in football to MyHeritage DNA brand
My Role
Collaboration with the Project Stakeholders
As a Freelance Product Designer, I presented mockups to project stakeholders to get feedback. I worked closely with the Marketing Team, Head of Design, Copywriter and Social Media Manager.
Collaboration with the R&D Team
I provided graphic assets to developers, tested the website implementation
Design Process
Design Process Phase 1
My process started with wireframes review that I got from the Marketing Team and brainstorm about the Project Manager and Head of Design
Visual Language
Dark Theme
After the research I conducted, I saw that most sport websites and sport game interfaces have a dark theme with very bright elements. So the decision was to stick to the existing pattern
Dynamic and Bright Elements
To give a website the dynamic look I decided to the following: use the bold italic font and add bright multi-colored diagonal lines
Color Palette
To connect the design to the brand, I used MyHeritage DNA colors with the lines on the homepage. In addition, I decided to give each football player his own color that comes from the country flag. So in the player pages, I used "player color" on the top section of the site where a player overview is written. But from the ethnicity section and lower, I was using the brand purple color
Final Design
Palette Generator Screen
Homepage Web and Mobile Versions
Palette Generator Screen
Player Page Web and Mobile Versions
Key Learnings
Collaboration is the Key to Success
This is not new for me, but worth mentioning. Working with other people directly, sharing the process, and getting feedback will help a get better and much quicker result. I really believe that only with collaboration we can achieve a great result
Design for Sport Fans
This was the first time that I needed to design for the audience that loves sports, especially football. I enjoyed conducting the research on this subject. Also, I learned the names of eight football legends and their countries and teams
Symbols in Sketch will do the Magic
As a part of this project I needed to design one homepage and player page template, that would be used for all eight football players. So the player page will be developed one time and only image assets will be replaced according to the relevant player. Therefore it was the perfect time for me to learn how to use symbol overrides in Sketch, and I must say that this feature made my work on this project much faster and more productive. For example, the Project Manager asked me to enlarge the player names, and with the symbols, I did this change only one time and all assets were updated automatically on all mockup screens